"I get so many compliments on my daughter's outfits. Everyone is always telling her how well dressed she is. You were right...she gets the most compliments with the orange milkmaid frock dress. Thanks for helping my daughter have clothes that actually fit and that keep her stylish!"

"I know you said Olivia gets compliments when she wears the Boutique Bottoms, but where we live people don't wear "boutique-y" type clothing so much. So I didn't know the kind of reaction the pants would get out here. My daughter wore her Boutique Bottoms today and both places we went to, she had other moms saying "oh my! those pants are adorable! Where'd you get them?!"

"I just wanted to let you know that my daughter's top arrived yesterday. She was thrilled...and so was I! I absolutely love it...and I have to say, in design, and execution...it really rivals something you might see from Matlida Jane or a similar line. "

"As soon as E put the pants on this morning, her hips got to swaying and she swaggered around the house saying "I'm sassy! I'm so sassy!". oh goodness!"

"Oh my Lynn, I just got my daughter's top and I can't tell you how much I appreciate you sharing your talent. I sent another friend of mine your blog."

"This may be THE cutest top I've ever seen!" " I get SO many compliments wherever we go when she is wearing your creations."